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 Precision Spot Welder
 Microcomputer High Frequency Inverse Transformation Power Batetry Spot Welder SWD-2419
 Programmed Automatic Spot Welder SWDP-2418
 Microcomputer High Frequency Inverse Transformation Mash Welder SWD-2418
 Microcomputer High Frequency Inverse Transformation Spot Welder SWD-2428
 Button Battery Spot Welder SWD-2128
 Power Battery Spot Welder SWD-2119
 Microcomputer Capacity Spot Welder SWC-14500
 Power Battery Spot Welder SWC-2418
 Microcomputer Capacity Spot Welder SWC-1418
 Microcomputer Precision Spot Welder SWA-2216
 Precision Spot Welder SWA-2208
 Precision Spot Welder SWA-1306
 Precision Spot Welder SWA-2602
 Precision Spot Welder SWA-1508
 Precision Spot Welder SWA-1308
 Precision Spot Welder SWA-1509
 :Microcomputer High Frequency Inverse Transformation 18650 Bottom Spot Welder SWD-1419
 Ultrasonic Plastic Welder
 20K Ultrasonic Plastic Welder
 15K Ultrasonic Plastic Welder
 Microcomputer Electricity Harmonious Ultrasonic Plastic Welder
 Ultrasonic Metal Welder
 24K Ultrasonic Metal Spot Welder
 40K Ultrasonic Metal Welder
 Ultrasonic Metal Welder
 Microcomputer Vibration Tester
 Microcomputer Vibration Tester VT-80
 Microcomputer Vibration Tester VT-40
 Battery Test System
 Battery Test System BTS-0205
 Combination Battery Test System BTS-0220
 Battery Votage Tester
 Voltage Tester VT-200
 Battery Internal Resistance Tester
 Automatic Battery Inner Resistance Tester RBM-200
 Microcomputer Internal Resistance Tester NZY-200M
 Battery Internal Resistance Tester NZY-200
 Battery Capacity Tester
 Lithium Battery Capacity Tester BCT-0205
 Lead Acid Battery Capacity Tester BCT-2012
 Battery Capacity Meter BCT-2020
 Lithium Battery Plate Short Circuit Tester
 Lithium Cell Plate Short Circuit Tester LBST-2050
 Battery Capacity Dividing System
 Battery Capacity Dividing System BCS-2328
 Power Battery Capacity Divding System BCS-0596
 Automatic Cutting Machine
 Microcomputer Automatic Cutting Machine MACM-100
 Automatic Feeding Machine AGCM-100
 Lead Acid Battery Plate Slitting And Brushing Machine
 Automatic Plate Slitting And Lug Brushing Machine
 Automatic Plate Saw Slitting Machine
 Single/Double Plate Slitting And Brushing Machine
 Automatic Plate 4 Sides Frame Brushing Machine
 Lead Acid Battery Charge And Discharge Machine
 Microcomputer Charge/Discharge Machine( Centralized Control Of Multiple Independent Output)
 Microcomputer Charge/Discharge Machine( Parallel Output With Line Detection)
 Microcomputer Charge And Discharge Machine (Multiple Independent Control)
 Microcomputer Charge And Discharge Machine( Economic Multiple Parallel Output)
 Microcomputer Charge And Discharge Machine (Data Acquisition And Distribution)
 Microcomputer Formation Charge And Discharge Machine
 Lead Acid Battery Charger
 Accumulator Cell Charge Discharge Equipment WCF-1024
 Three Stage Professional Charger SCM-0224
 Motorcycle Battery Charger SCM-0112
 Lead Acid Battery Three Stage Charger CCM-1012
 Electrical Car Charger ECM-2548
 Air-tight Test Machine
 Microcomputer Air Tightness Testing Machine QMJC-10
 High Current Discharge Machine
 Desktop Middle Small Battery Discharge Testing Machine WFD-200
 Desktop Middle Large Battery Discharge Testing Machine HDM-8012
 Desktop Middle Battery Discharge Testing Machine HDM-50012
 Portable Discharge Testing Machine MLDM-10012
 Cabinet Large Battery Discharge Testing Machine MLDM-300002
 Multi Function Test Machine
 Two Function Two Position Testing Machine ARDM-2212 (Internal Resistance/Discharge)
 Two Function Large Battery Testing Machine RDM-15002(Internal Resistance/Discharge)
 Three Function Test Machine DRUM-2403 (Discharge/Internal Resistance/Ultrasonic)
 Four Function Testing Machine DRUM-2403(Discharge/Internal Resistance/Fitness/Ultrasonic)
 Four Function Large Battery Testing Machine DJSB-200 (Discharge/Internal Resistance/Fitness/Brand)
 Small Battery Four Function Testing Machine DJSB-24 (Discharge/Internal Resistance/Fitness/Brand)
 Small Battery Two Function Testing Machine BTM-2402 (Discharge/Brand)
 Lead Acid Battery Plate Short Circuit Tester
 Middle/Large Lead Acid Battery Plate Short Circuit Tester DLCS-2A
 Small Lead Acid Battery Plate Short Circuit Tester DLCS-300
name:Microcomputer Precision Spot Welder SWA-2216
Product information:
Search Guide: Automatic power battery spot welder,Lithium battery automatic spot welder,Programmed automatic 
spot welder, Power battery pack spot welder, XY axis automatic feed spot welder, Spot welder machine with 
programming function
     The microcomputer control,the supply voltage automatic tracking compensates,may realize the single 
pulse,the double pulse and the multi-pulses welding,each parameter as numerical code establishment,thus 
parameter adjustment direct-viewing accurate,the straight line bearing design uarantees the welding the 
precision and the duplication,the rack uses the aluminum molding,the disassemblage is convenient,the many 
kinds of driving mechanism selects and matches,operation even more personalization.The parameter LED 
numerical code demonstr ated that,the control is more precise;The double stylus force inde-pendent may move,
the welding is more reliable;Is suitable in the battery continu ally contact tag welding,the hardware one 
side welding. 
Product Parameter :
Power Supply Voltage
Output Power Drive form Output signal
SWA-2216  AC220V±10%/50Hz  10KVA  Pneumatic/Pedal  Optoelectronic switch 
Welding current Electrode diameter Electrode adds the pressure Welding power Electrode travel
0-99   3 0.5-4kgf  AC pulse  15mm 
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